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We are looking for a small group of amazing people to start a change for LIFE!

If you’ve EVER started a ‘wellbeing’, weight reduction or fitness journey, and FAILED – but you’re sick of feeling tired, crappy & overwhelmed, then THIS IS FOR YOU!




Have tried to lose weight & failed

Feel like you need more energy

Would like to sleep better at night.

You’d like to be an awesome role model for your whanau.

You’d enjoy making new friends who really get you.

Would like to feel more confident in yourself.

One time payment of just


We know you will succeed because we’ve got your back every step of the way! One tiny payment of $27 will get you on the right track with tons of support for the first 21 days of transition.

But hurry, spaces are limited.


It’s All About You!

HaleYeah is our 21 day introductory programme that gets you in the track to your ‘new life’ with new habits and a whole new way of thinking.

It’s not just about fitness.

We give you tools for success and for building a positive mindset. You’ll be part of a Whanau collecting High Fives and supporting each other in celebrating success.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Join Our Gym. Our Whanau.

We are more than a gym. We are your Whanau – and it means everything to us that you succeed in your goals.

Your goals ARE our goals and we know this programme will work for you – be the role model you’d like to be, enjoy the energy, the satisfaction, the mana. We’ll make you work for it, but you’ll be smiling all the way (that’s our promise!).


Aaron defines good health as eating well, exercising/being active, getting enough sleep, meditation, being mentally and spiritually well. His number one health tip is that exercise is medicine.  Aaron believes helping people is in his DNA and wants people to feel comfortable at his facility. He eats oats and a protein shake every morning for breakfast and loves Walt Disney’s quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

Our Promise to You:

We have been training people just like you for a long time. We know it’s hard, we know it’s confronting and we know it will work!

The next step is to contact us to book a place in the HaleYeah programme so we can get you started and you’ll see how awesome it is! Spaces are limited.

Grab yours today!

About Kim

As a busy working mother of three, Kimberley strongly believes that exercising and eating well, hugely contributes to how she feels, and how she is able to cope with the demands of working and running a family household. She is a strong advocate for being a positive role model to our children, and to instill in them good habits. Kimberley is a lover of sport, both playing and watching, and has a particular passion for netball, basketball and tennis. She loves to meet new people, and enjoys classes for the added motivation.

What Our Members Say

I’ve never been a keen gym “enthusiast”. It’s always about the social life. Since joining Hale Health three months ago my world has completely changed for the good and i must add I’m feeling and looking pretty “chur”. Huge credit to the team at Hale Health.

Dee Richmond

Loved my 1st class so much I signed up straight after.💪Blessings to our trainers

Lisa Waenga

Love the vibes the people the spirit �� trainers are amazing classes are great everyone is very encouraging I drive that extra few km to go to this gym and just love every moment of my training

Amokura Teaue Tukaki Kani

It’s a happy joy joy kinda place, owners are awesome, equipment is primo, even the other members are great. Whānau feel for sure

Jalna Simmons