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Hale Health Centre opened in June 2016 when Aaron and Kimberley Murphy returned to Hamilton from Australia on a mission to change lives.

Aaron and Kimberley have a passion for holistic health. Holistic health is an approach to healthcare that places emphasis on the connection of mind, body and spirit, and supports improving overall wellness and preventing illness. Rather than focusing on specific parts of the body, holistic health considers the whole person and how they interact with their environment. Aaron and Kimberley firmly believe that this approach offers the best healthcare treatment possible.

It was with this belief that Hale Health Centre was born. Hale means living a healthy lifestyle, and Aaron and Kimberley believe “Ora Mai Ora Atu” (wellness within and wellness externally) captures what their business is all about. The Hale Health logo is a koru, which represents new beginnings, growth and re-generation.


The centre is set up to help people establish and achieve their goals, and deliver the ultimate fitness and lifestyle experience to the community. At Hale Health Centre you’ll find all of the latest cardio and strength training equipment along with a dynamic group fitness timetable, that includes Functional Circuit and Boxfit classes. Most importantly, you’ll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to bettering their health.

As parents of three, with a love for sport and family, the couple wanted to develop a whanau-orientated facility, that makes everyone feel welcome and accepted. Aaron and Kimberley believe their gym is different because they care about individuals and how they feel (rather than what they look like), and don’t see members as numbers.

Aaron and Kimberley love helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, and will welcome you, at any stage on your health and well-being journey. No judgements, they’re here to help you succeed!


Aaron Murphy

Owner/Exercise Physiologist

Aaron is a passionate rugby player and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry. Having been immersed in it for the last 14 years, he has worked as a Senior Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning/Skills Coach for Kalamunda Rugby Academy and Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union and Gym Floor Manager. His qualifications include; Diploma in Sport and Recreation (Recreation Management), Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, Exercise Scientist (Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)), Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)), Senior First Aid and Level 2 Rugby Coaching.

Aaron defines good health as eating well, exercising/being active, getting enough sleep, meditation, being mentally and spiritually well. His number one health tip is that exercise is medicine.  Aaron believes helping people is in his DNA and wants people to feel comfortable at his facility. He eats oats and a protein shake every morning for breakfast and loves Walt Disney’s quote: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

Kimberley Murphy


Kimberley has a passion for numbers, with 12 years’ experience in the finance industry. During this time, Kimberley has been submersed in roles such as Accounts Assistant, Finance Assistant and Management Accountant. Kimberley’s area of expertise includes cash-flow forecasting and collection, project budgets and forecasts, cost analysis, preparing and reviewing financial statements, payroll, GST returns and auditing. She is qualified with a Bachelor of Business Management, Diploma in Finance, and a Certificate in Bookkeeping and MYOB.

As a busy working mother of three, Kimberley strongly believes that exercising and eating well, hugely contributes to how she feels, and how she is able to cope with the demands of working and running a family household. She is a strong advocate for being a positive role model to our children, and to instill in them good habits. Kimberley is a lover of sport, both playing and watching, and has a particular passion for netball, basketball and tennis. She loves to meet new people, and enjoys classes for the added motivation.


Fitness Class Instructor

Kia ora tātou

Ko karioi te maunga

Ko waikato te awa

Ko ngati mahanga te iwi

Ko Te Papatapu te marae

Ko Jackson tōku ingoa

 I have been a part of the fitness industry for the past 11 years, working at various gyms in both New Zealand and overseas. This passion for fitness came about from being brought up around fitness with both my Mum and Dad were very active in the fitness industry.

Fitness has always played an important part of my life due to my sports, which I currently play Premier League for College Old Boys and Rugby for Melville Prems.

When I am not playing sports or at the gym, I am investing in the foreign exchange market which is the biggest global market in the world and this keeps me pretty busy.



Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor

I love to train but only got fully into it after high school, always played basketball and also having a background of fitness which grew into a love of training came from working out with my Dad, but 3 years ago I  found my passion for training and helping others to feel better about themselves.

I am currently studying for my Certificate in Personal Training and this will help me not only as a Group Instructor but a Personal Trainer, so I can get to know new people and help them train and be a part of bettering their lives.

My journey throughout fitness has been a long road but is worth my time and effort.

I enjoy attending church, eating and hanging out with family and friends.

My belief is to not compare ourselves to others and to focus on yourself as we are all on the same journey.



I have been a physio for 17 years and am passionate about helping people restore function and rehab from their injuries.

After graduating from AUT in 2003 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Physio),  I worked in south Auckland in private practice and worked with various local and national sports teams including touring with the NZ Breakers, and working with the Samoan 7s team in 2005 and 2006. A highlight during this period was attending the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games with Samoa.

I moved to the UK with my wife Zoe in 2006 and ended up in Edinburgh working full time for the Scottish Rugby Union for nine years. Travelling around Europe and the world with rugby was my dream job and I loved it.

Wanting our kids to grow up around family, we moved back to NZ in 2015 and settled in Hamilton. 

Starting a physio clinic was always something that I wanted to do and I am excited about working at Hale Health, with the excellent facilities and staff here.

Hamilton 24 hour gym


Health & Wellness Coach

Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa and Kia orana.

No Kawhia raua ko Te Kuiti ahau

Ko Pirongia raua ko Kakepuku nga Maunga

Ko Ngati Hikairo raua ko Maniapoto nga Iwi

Ko Te Whaanau Pani raua ko Ngati Rora nga Hapu

Ko Waipapa raua ko Te Tokanganui-a-noho nga Marae

Ko Kawhia te MoanaKo Waikato te Awa

Ko Evette Te Ata Wherowhero Toa (nee Hetet) ahau

Born and bred in Kirikiriroa. Always loved being active as well as balancing that with some R&R, with family and friends.

You will either find me at the gym, at home having a movie marathon with my family or on the water paddling, standup paddling, fishing with my husband or doing Manu’s at kawhia wharf with my kids.

I love helping people find that thing inside them they never thought was possible. Sometimes it just takes that little push and there I am.

I’m here for the good times and hard times to whisper

in your ear, time to put in the work!

Hamilton 24 hour gym


Fitness Instructor

My fitness journey began in 2013, spent several years at a normal gym. Since 2015 I moved to a new gym, something like HALE, and I was hooked.

 I have been part of group fitness training for the last five years. I was involved in taking some of the classes at my previous gym. I enjoyed helping and coaching people to achieve their fitness goals. I feel it is very rewarding and a motivator for me when I see people working hard during a workout.

I have completed a certificate in group fitness coaching and on top of that I have 5+ years of experience in group fitness training. In the last five years, I was able to accomplish many achievements.

I’m hoping before I am too old that I will be able to complete a full marathon and maybe do the King and Queen of the mountain again. 

 In terms of my fitness focus and goals, I am all about the long game. Thinking about how I can stay fit physically for as long as possible, without getting too many injuries. I’m a big believer in recovery, rest, stretching.

 My wife and I have three boys and I want to show my boys that I can still run and play at the age of 60.

Hamilton 24 hour gym



Firstly I am a mother to 5 sons, probably one the hardest jobs I have and keeps me very busy! smile

I graduated from Podiatry School in Wellington in 1999, where I then went on to own my first clinic, Capital Sports Podiatry and became a director of Capital Sports Medicine Ltd for 7 years, during that time I also managed a CCDHB diabetes primary care service for 12 years covering the Northern and a portion of the South-Western regions.

I have over 20 years experience in sports bio-mechanics, minor surgery, diabetes and general podiatry and spinal injuries.

I currently reside in Hamilton and own a private practice in Tauranga, Otumoetai Podiatry. I also hold several  contracts with ACC delivering podiatry related services throughout the Western Bay of Plenty region, predominantly dealing with paraplegic and brain injury clients.