Corporate Wellness

To meet the needs of an ever-evolving, increasingly fast-paced world we’ve developed a set of unique wellness services which foster teamwork and educate employees on the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

Our vision is to build strong healthy people who understand the importance of a healthy home/work life balance.

Benefits for workplaces

• Fitter, healthier staff
• Improved mental acuity
• Team unity and camaraderie
• Increased productivity
• Decrease in absenteeism
• Reduced risk of injury and accidents
• A more positive, energised workplace

what’s on offer?

• Healthy heart checks (monthly with reporting)
• Monthly presentations (different topics each month eg nutrition, injury prevention etc)
• Physical fitness options including gym memberships, team building events and group fitness sessions (bootcamp, yoga etc)
• Come to our facility in Frankton or we’ll come to you

Want to sign up? We’d love to talk to you about a personalised corporate package. Email or call 07 846 8755.