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Family Training

Family is of great importance to us here at Hale Health. Keeping your family healthy and making sure quality time is spent together is an amazing way to keep your family unit strong. See how we can help you get your family fit and healthy.



I’ve never been a keen gym “enthusiast”. It’s always about the social life. Since joining Hale Health three months ago my world has completely changed for the good and i must add I’m feeling and looking pretty “chur”. Huge credit to the team at Hale Health.

Dee Richmond

Awesome gym, we only signed up a few days ago but found the gym atmosphere open, friendly and really welcoming..love the huge weights room and the room next to it where you can do your own circuits. With it being just around the corner from us, we will be making the most of it.

Sarah Crawford

Love the vibes the people the spirit �� trainers are amazing classes are great everyone is very encouraging I drive that extra few km to go to this gym and just love every moment of my training
Amokura Teaue Tukaki Kani

Loved my 1st class so much I signed up straight after.💪Blessings to our trainers
Lisa Waenga

It’s a happy joy joy kinda place, owners are awesome, equipment is primo, even the other members are great. Whānau feel for sure
Jalna Simmons

I hadn’t exercised in a long time so when a friend of mine told me to come along to Hale Health with him a couple of months back to check it out, I thought “why not?”. Best move I’ve made in a long time. I was immediately hooked with the circuit class so much so that I haven’t missed one since. I also get in a box fit class there once a week on top of the circuit classes. Result = 9kg weight loss in 11 weeks. The workouts are extremely challenging but varied and rewarding. Aaron is an excellent trainer who is highly knowledgeable, genuine, supportive and motivating for those who attend his classes. It’s a great, ego-free environment with friendly (and some hilarious) people who are all in pursuit of better health. I can’t recommend this place enough. Please come and try Hale Health, it’ll transform your life.
James Ihaka

12 DAYS AND COUNTING ⬇️.....CHALLENGE #1️ begins tomorrow .... Complete a 1.2k Run as fast as you can 🏃‍♀️T's & C's:- You must be a Hale member (Membership must be active) ✅- You can complete this at anytime as long as you film yourself 🎥 and show staff member or send it through . - OR you can have a member of staff watch 👀- MUST video start to finish and ensure footage of results is clear 🕵️‍♀️- You can attempt this as many times as you wish 🔥- Challenge ends 9th December 11:59pm 🌙📢Winner will be announced the day after the challenge @ 6pm 📢#HaleYeah #Day1 #Challenge1 #12DaysLeft #CountingDown #BeInItToWinIt #HaleHealth #12DaysOfGiveaways #ThousandDollarsWorthOfPrizes #12Prizes #12Challenges ... See MoreSee Less
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🎁 CHECK OUT OUR 12 DAYS OF FITMAS PRIZES 🎁$1,000 💸 worth of prizes up for grabs starting tomorrow 9th of December 📆Our prizes will work as a lucky dip system🤞 . We have cards 💌 placed all around the Christmas Tree 🎄 and the winner will choose a card off the tree. Inside the card will reveal one of these prizes 🥳 that you can win from our daily challenges 🏋 Shoutout to all our sponsors and supporters 🙌TOMORROW WE ARE ALL SET TO GO 🔥 (T's & C's Apply)#HaleHealth #GiveAways #ChristmasPrizes #HaleYeah #12DaysOfFitmas #12DaysOfChallenges #12PrizesToBeWon #SpiritOfChristmas #SpiritOfGiving #GivingBackToOurCommunity ... See MoreSee Less
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🎄2 MORE DAYS TIL OUR 12 DAYS OF FITMAS CHALLENGES 🎄Here are the challenges we have in place in no particular order: - Row - Airbike- Letter Workout - Burpee - Swipe your access key- Hangman - Skipping- Refer a Friend - Wall sit -Treasure Hunt - Social Media Comp - 1.2k Run All challenges will be posted the night before 🌙 so keep an eye out on our platforms . This should give you time to come in and complete our daily challenges. 🏋️‍♂️ Winners will be announced the next day at 6pm ⏰(ts&csapply)#WatchThisSpace #12DaysofFitmas #ThisThursday #ChallengeEachday #PrizesToBeWon #InHouseChallenge #ThousandDollarsWorthOfPrizes #UpForGrab #HaleHealth #HaleYeah #Lesshhgooo ... See MoreSee Less
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🎄12 DAYS OF FITMAS & GIVEAWAYS 🎄It's been quite the year 😩 and we know how much our members have had to endure 😞So we wanted to give back 🎁, say thank you 👏& lift our spirits a little .....or a lot with some in-house challenges 🏋️ with $1,000 worth of prizes up for grabs 🥳 (t's & c's apply)Our 12 days of Fitmas 💪 challenges will commence this Thursday 9th December 📆. Here's how it'll work :- Each day we will be counting down 12 days til Christmas (in our instance, 12 days til we are closed for the year) - Each day we will have different challenges running surrounding THAT number e.g 5 days until Christmas - x5 burpees in 5 minutes 🙌- Each challenge MUST be done in the club but CAN be done any time as long as you film 🎥 yourself & submit it through (following the T's & C's attached to the challenges) - After each challenge the winner will pick from the lucky dip to be in for a surprise prize 🎁- We will not be running challenges on SUNDAYS We will release ALL 12 challenges tomorrow so that you and your mates (friendly competitions 😈) can prepare yourselves, heck maybe even train up for it 🤣 #InItToWinIt So keep an eye out for tomorrows post with the release of ALL 12 challenges we will be running starting 9th December 2021 #Lesshhgoooo #HaleHealth #12DaysOfGiveaways #12DaysOfFitmas #HaleYeah #GivingBack #ThankYouWhanau #CountdownToChristmas #SpiritOfGiving ... See MoreSee Less
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