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Why Us


Hale Health isn’t your typical gym, it takes health to a whole new level. When the centre is completely established members will have access to all things health at their fingertips. These services will include a nutritionist, naturopath, physio, chiropractor, massage and more.

Hale is the most welcoming gym in Hamilton with a real community vibe, walking in you will feel right at home. Aaron and Kimberley go above and beyond for all of their members, caring about how good they feel (rather than what they look like). Hale believe that you can be the best version of yourself. Maybe you have some work to do, maybe you aren’t in the best shape of your life; but your experience and the desire to grow and make positive changes is invaluable. Going to the gym isn’t about being better than the person next to you, it’s about the growth and development of individuals, and that’s something the team at Hale Health promote, cherish and celebrate.

No matter what level you’re at, the team at Hale Health can help you out. The best part, we’ve got no lock in contracts, so if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stick around. Did we mention there’s free wifi, plenty of car parks and great music?!


” I have never enjoyed being a part of a gym so much! Aaron’s classes are so intense! Yet, he manages to hit my target areas all in one go! He has such a motivational spirit it’s hard to not be on board with him. Even at 6am! I love that there’s always equipment available for whatever exercise I’m doing and that he’s created a pleasant and sociable atmosphere within the gym.

His knowledge and enthusiasm for what he does has helped provide me with the inspiration I need to continue outside the gym. I cannot recommend Aaron and Hale Health highly enough! Thank you for constantly helping me reach my goals! “

Talesha Wood, 24

” I love going to Hale Health. It’s the first time I have walked into a gym and felt like I was at home. I also love the group classes as there all different people from different walks of life. Not judging you, just there to work as hard as you and enjoy the work out. I love the friendly people that work at the gym and also others that work out at the gym. Love the family vibe you get when you walk through the doors. “

Katalina Te Haate, 35